gift wrap kits

What makes the perfect appreciation gift? We believe one thing: coordination.

At Indiana Ribbon + Bow we take coordination beyond just the design of our premium gift wrap and bows. We bring together your seasonal gift needs and program requirements with our flexibility and expertise in design and fulfillment into an expertly crafted solution. 

coordinate: (verb) to bring different elements into a relationship that will ensure efficiency or harmony


Quality and Design

Each gift wrap kit is filled premium gift wrap rolls and coordinated ribbon, bows, and accessories. Our kits don't just fulfill the need that everyone has during the holiday season, they exceed expectations with beautiful designs and color combinations, and they are made in the USA.



We offer several ways to brand our gift wrap kits from hot foil stamped logos, to custom messages in an appreciation card. Our gift wrap kits bring your brand into the homes of clients and it becomes a part of their holiday. They are truly a useful and appreciated gift.


flexibility and options

We pride ourselves in our flexibility and wide range of products that allow us to custom tailor a program to your needs. From on time bulk shipments, to no touch drop shipments, and from vibrant packaging for impact, or economic packaging for budget, we have what it takes.

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