• ribbon and bows
  • stickers
  • embossing
  • crimping
  • slitting
  • winding
  • converting
  • hot stamping
  • bow cards
  • hang tags
  • peel and stick bow backs
  • gift cards
  • gift wrap collections
  • polylock flanges
  • paper tubes
  • paper spools
  • retail cards
  • specialty die cuts
  • custom printing
  • product rework
  • fulfillment
  • kitting
  • polylocks
  • bow chips
  • order fulfillment

General Facilities and equipment

Over 100 Ribbon and Bow Manufacturing machines. The majority of which were designed and manufactured by Indiana Ribbon engineers.

Starbow/Cluster Gift Bow Machines

Indiana Ribbon designed and manufactured machines: two-tone capabilities, overlay, twist ties, hang tags, kleenstick.

Pre-notched Hank Pom Gift Bow Machines

Indiana Ribbon designed and manufactured machines: bendover hanks, multi-color hanks, tie strings, pew bows, auto bagger, bands.

Pre-fluffed Hank Pom Gift Bow Machines

Hang tag capability, slit loop pom.

Taffy Gift Bow Machines

Ribbon Slitting and Decorating Machines

Capabilities: 3 color print, hot stamping, embossing and slitting.

Winding Equipment

Indiana Ribbon designed and manufactured machines: automatic winding, card winding, flat/pancake winders, coreless winders, single or multi wind, and more.

Miscellaneous Manufacturing Equipment

Heat sealing and shrinking, cello band sealers, packaging and fulfillment, wrapping paper converting, and more.

Spool/Polylock Equipment

Spool Assembly Machines designed and Manufactured by Indiana Ribbon

Many rotary assembly, upright assembly, and assembly hand set machines.

Tube/Core Winders

Indiana Ribbon designed tube winders and Knowlton tube winders. Various sizes of tube winding mandrills, re-cut mandrills, and re-cut bars in various lengths.

Punch Presses (Die Cut Flanges)

Polylock Assembly

Printing Presses

Paper Converting